Minidisc -> Computer -> CD

I'm designing sound for a play that's going up in a month or so, so there's no rush, but the director has a sound effect that she would like me to either use or imitate. It's on a minidisc, and since I don't have a minidisc player and the school doesn't have a minidisc player, I was wondering exactly how to go about getting the effect off of the minidisc and onto my computer for editing/burning purposes? I've got a pretty nice interface, Presonus Firepod, and I do a fair bit of recording, but although this is a pretty simple venture I have yet to try something of this sort. Should I just run a minidisc player into a line input or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or, if I'm on the absolute wrong track, please, let me know that I'm an ignorant little techie and correct me.

Might be easier to find someone with a portable MD player and borrow it for the run of the show.
There wouldn't happen to be a mini USB connection on the MD player would there?
The adapter sounds like a better idea. Renting minidisc is not something that we can really afford to do. The cable would be cheaper, i suppose, and a much more useful addition to our limited collection of audio adapters and such. Though, I checked out the thread, and the setup I've got will work just as well with 1/8" to 1/4", maybe better. Since it isn't an option to get ahold of a nice minidisc player; however we have been talking about switching to minidisc from CD, which would make things unbelievably easier, but the idea has hardly been discussed and it may not be worth it right now. But, in case I'm able to persuade the producer and the tech director, any suggestions for good minidisc players at a reasonable price (seeing as how we're likely going to have to redo our entire wireless system this year, buy a new one, basically).
Thanks again

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