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New and ready to be Improved!

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by Minvox, May 13, 2009.

  1. Minvox

    Minvox Member

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    Dallas Tx
    I feel as if I am finally home! You'll see me in the in the Multimedia/Video, Lighting and ALL over the What Went Wrong Forums. I have experience with lighting but more in Video and Installations. Ill be the one asking all the questions at first... Just get ready for them. Feel free to read my profile for more information about my experience and what I might be able to help yall with..

    P.S. when your ready to start seeing shapes of fruit everywhere you go, jump on and play Deko Blocko
    DO IT!!!
  2. avkid

    avkid Not a New User Fight Leukemia

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    Stageline Operator/Staging Supervisor
    Howell, NJ
    Ack...I just wasted 30 minutes on that.

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