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New Dimming Technology

Discussion in 'News' started by zac850, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. zac850

    zac850 Well-Known Member

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    New York
    Apparently there is this new dimming technology. I can't say I really understand it, but I'm sure Ship would be able to explain it better.

    From what I can tell this new technology makes it so there is no hum in the lamps, and also will greatly reduce the size of dimmers, and because of there size can be put anywhere, including in the house.

    Has anyone heard about this new technology? This is the first I heard of it and I'm really curious.
  2. EPAC_Matt

    EPAC_Matt Member

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    Indeed it does look pretty cool :)

    'Standard' phase controlled dimmers do have choke coils designed to smooth the choppy waves out a bit, but I like the idea of having a clean sinewave to begin with :)

    Some more information

    Phase Dimmers

    Sine wave dimmers
  3. ledieu

    ledieu Member

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    i think bytecraft in australia own the patent to it so check out their website. i could be wrong but i remember them getting all excited about something like that a while back. probably

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