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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by terminalvelocity16, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. terminalvelocity16

    terminalvelocity16 Member

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    Mineola, NY
    Hello all. I just recently found out from my director of this forum. I've been doing theatre work in my communities elementary, middle, and high schools for the past 5 years. Graduating during year two doesn't stop me from going back to work on even more shows. Today I currently attend SUNY Maritime College in New York as a Marine Engineering student and in my spare time I enjoy working on as many local stage crews as possible. At the present time I am working on The Crucible, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. I am always up for learning more about what I do. Kind Regards to all.
  2. Kelite

    Kelite Apollo Staff Premium Member

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    Fort Wayne IN, USA
    Thanks for joining us, terminalvelocity16. It's great to have you aboard! Your time spent with these schools assisting in the education of the 'young-uns' is a credit to you. The bug appears to have bitten you pretty good, huh?

    There are a number of hs/college technicians here that share tips, tricks, and occassional problems for others to learn from. We would appreciate your insight whenever you deem necessary-

    Thanks for joining, and we look forward to gaining some insight from your perspective!

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