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Discussion in 'Technical Theatre History' started by ship, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Interesting new part of the forum, and interesting to see my post about a completely different light as per a years ago post by me now about a new light for me I'm reading and learning about. Different light so not understanding how I replied, but is what it is.

    Thanks to all on interesting debates in reading. As I read, I don't use the fixtures in museum beyond bench focus if I do it, so on old lights much of the time I will have nothing to say even if I have one brought back to factory spec. or better in collecton. Stuff like cable whip materials of a vintage light... I don't remember ever seen a sleeved asbestos, but there was types of asbestos tighter woven than others. Normally just removed and onto the fixture needs.

    But will ask questions.

    A Question for the old timers' during the 64' thru 70' ish... Revolution in Quartz lamps. This especially about the 6" Fresnel. Derek sent me catgalogues about the upgrade companies for upgrading Medium Bi-Postg to RSC based Fresnels as a going modern thing.

    How many did the upgrade in a similar way to going S-4 in the 90's? How many or know of those thatg thru away the parts making up the normal P-28s lamp socket and carriage assembly in this upgrade. Than once the BTL series halogen lamp came out... regretted throwing out the gizzards of the light?

    Curious about this in I am reverse for museum. Have a 6" Fresnel which was RSC 400w based concept Halogen. I upgraded it to a complete Q65 assembly. Luckily for me, I saved the lamp base and reflector assembly in mounting them into a home built flourescent starter strobe light... years ago. Was learning back than. But I still had the reflector and lamp socket... just had to for museum re-invent the carriage for it - long gone.

    Wondering about those that converted to RSC based halogen Fresnels, those Fresnels that will have been fine with a BTL if only waited, and in "upgrading" having thrown out the otherwise now standard carriage.... Did you go back or just survive with outdated 400w Fresnels?

    Kliegl #3506 6" Quartz Fresnel c. 1964, (has RSC double ended base) 400w, R-7s.
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