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Dear Voter,
I'm writing to you to announce my candidacy for the office of President of the United States. I'm fed up with the poor quality of candidate offered up by the mainstream political parties. Each has done a lot of negative campaigning, pointing out the other's weaknesses rather than discussing their own strengths. Each accuses the other of being beholden to special interests. Each accuses the other of mis-stating the facts. Each raises serious doubts about the other's ability to lead this country.

If you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all. The nicest thing I can say about them is that they're both right. Considering each candidate's strengths and weaknesses, I believe attack ads are a wise strategy for both.

It's too late to get my name officially on the ballot but if, like me, you see the major-party candidates as two sides of the same coin, write-in Nona D' Above. If you want someone who's beholden to no special interests, write-in Nona D'Above. If you want someone who won't distort the truth, write-in Nona D'Above. If you want to make your voice heard in Washington, write-in Nona D'Above.

I'm Nona D'Above, and I approved this message.

Nona D'Above
LOL - have we absorbed some stray voltage John? - oops, I mean 'Nona D'Above'

Although, I shouldn’t laugh as our government isn’t exactly exemplary. Besides, the CIA, FBI, NSA and the CLUA are probably monitoring this forum for unpatriotic postings. So, um……..shame on you Nona D'Above, shame!
nah, we have freedom of speech here.... that is why the media is not biased at all, right....??? I mean, every day you here "3 more americans were killed in Iraq" yet you never here ANYTHING about how many Iraqi's were killed. that and "they killed the people".... yea, well we're kill there people left and right..... hum, and how ever many times Bush says that the Iraqi people want us there... they clearly don't, hence the war....

in conclusion, I am going to nominate Mr. Tree to run against Mr. Bush (and Nona D' Above). Mr. Tree's add slogan is "Vote for the Tree, its smarter then the Bush". Wow, i just realized that thats a horrible innuendo.... but I do not mean it as such.....

my other conclusion.... government sucks, lets over-through the government and instate me into power!!!!
You go do that. :wink:

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