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Hey gang,
I know a lot of you are regular readers of my (of late irregularly updated) site For those who haven't been by in the last day or so, I checked my email tonight to find one from a friend and reader calling my attention to the fact that some lowlife with nothing better to do than destroy other peoples' hard work has hacked the site.

At the moment, I can't even access it to upload anything to restore it or even put up a note about what happened. I'm waiting to hear back from my hosting service, who should be able to restore my access, and who I HOPE have a backup of the server they can restore the site from for me, since I don't have the actual database that stores the site content backed up on my end (you bet I will from hereon in).

If that's not the case, I might end up turning to you guys to fill in some of the holes. I have some of the articles backed up in their original forms that I loaded them into the blog software from, but a lot of the shorter ones I wrote directly on the site to save time. If anybody has any of the articles they might have copied and saved, please post and let me know. If my hosting service can't restore it, I might need your help to get as much of it back up as I can!

Thanks in advance,
A very angry and frustrated Andy
Andy, send me a PM and I can help you update your site to help prevent that from happening again.
Sorry to hear about the hacker - glad to hear that your hoster has a back up. Keep up the good work Andy - enjoy reading what is there.
Also sorry to hear about this. Over the weekend I ran three seperate spybot type softwhere programs. Not just one or two but all three picked up something the others nor firewall protected against or detected. Simply amazing such things or jerks out there.

This much less hackers or other types of Jerk. Spent much of last weekend alone in just getting rid of various jerks on this forum itself that posted all over it.

Sorry but I don't have any backup stuff for you. Also while I don't do shows if I can help it, your site is a great place to visit.

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