Paper Focus?


Sep 8, 2004
Taking it in context of the conversation, I'm fairly certain they were referring to Lightwrite. If not, my next guess was, focusing close to the instrument schedule and plot intention.

Thanks for the help!



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Mar 20, 2004
Brooklyn, NY
LW has a Focus Chart, which allows one to log the position of the hot spot, note about edge, placement of shutter cuts, etc..

It's generally a by-product of the instrument schedule, that gets printed and filled in by hand during focus, then logged back to LW for reference later.

Used a lot in Broadway tours by the ASM for focusing at load-in. Generally with a touring rig.

Obviously for static fixtures, though Viveone Leon (Broadway assistant, famous for her paperwork) also uses a method to log all positions of ML's, cue by cue. Did I say she was famous for generating paperwork ?.


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