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Ok! what are the opinions on PC vs console for lighting. Application: youth church. Will have a concert feel. Up to at least 12 movers, various LED Eye candy, hazers, and at least 30 statics... i have and am still using Martin's Light Jockey but wonder about using it in the youth building, although it would help to get kids involved with it before they move up to the other tech positions.. anyway what are the opinions here and what products would be a good fix.. thanks


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This has been discussed many, many, many times before. If you'll search through the Lighting forum, you'll find many topics on this subject, with much more information than could be gathered by a new topic, even with the different setting of "youth church."


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I'm a big fan of the Horizon software system. Again... it has been well debated. But start with what you need to be able to do and your budget. Then explore your options either PC or Console. If you get it down to a couple of choices post them and we'll help you debate the pros and cons.

It also sounds to me like you might be a strong candidate for ETC's new Smartfade ML.
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Another option is to get a Hog widget and run the Hog software on a PC. A bit more tedious when programming without a surface, but doable and very affordable ($800 for widget, software is a free download). As budget becomes available you can add a programming wing, playback wing, etc. Also has the advantage of being able to program on your laptop when you have time instead of having to do everything at the venue.

What console is used in your main church? If there's a software version of that you'll have some immediate expertise and backup folks available.

Horizon used to only work on a parallel port which many PC's no longer have so if you go that route make sure you get the multi-universe version that supports ethernet.


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