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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by derekleffew, May 29, 2009.

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    1. Scenic/Costumes. The two dimensional outline of an object as viewed from the side.

    2. Also known as a "fade profile," or on some consoles, "path." The relationship between time and intensity on a dimmer. (ex. a linear output would mean that 10% through a fade, the dimmer would be at 10% as well). Since this configuration doesn't translate into either a perceived smooth fade or a measured one, modern lighting boards have dimmer profiles / programmable curves that can stipulate what level a dimmer should be outputting at a certain % through the fade. Intensity is determined by the control input to the dimmer (or luminaire) and that dimmer's dimmer curve. A console profile modifies the linear relationship between fade progress and that control value. It is simply a 256 x 256 lookup table for "fade value of dimmer" vs "actual DMX value sent".

    Example of a standard "S-Curve" on an ETC Express(ion) console.

    3. Another name for automated luminaire fixture definition file, see

    4. Similar to ERS, a hard-edged spotlight. See profile spot.
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