Prolight Eclipse FS zoom model?


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The school I do the lighting(just the spring musical but they keep whatever rig I put up in place for the entire year with minimal mods(I almost suspect they think I'd be upset if they messed with it) at just did a major lighting system upgrade on their stage. A mistake happened that didn't get caught, resulting in fewer lekos being provided than we thought we were getting. What exactly happened is that a lighting position was left off the prints, and as it's directly above another, no one caught it. As a remedy, they pulled fixtures from the lower position to fill the upper position(which covers the upstage area). I just closed my first big show with the system tonight, and they're were a lot of holes between lighting zones, just due to lack of fixtures and the beam angles of those fixtures. My lack of knowledge on ETC EOS programming also led to me not wanting to move much around as I didn't want to potentially get in way over my head reconfiguring the system. I won't be doing a show there until next Jan, so my goal for the year is to develop a good base plot and figure out how to reconfigure the system to function with the existing inventory.

We're looking at adding a few more leko's to the inventory in the next few years to make up for the missing lights. The model we just got are Prolight Eclipse FS in a range between 19deg and 50deg, the bulk being 26deg.

If their going to buy more fixtures I'd prefer them to be zooms, as these will be the ones to cover a lot odd positions and specials, i.e. floater units that need to be versatile. I have found references to a zoom model of the Eclipses being available, but haven't found anywhere to buy them. Ideally I recommend the zoom model of the Eclipses, to simplify control and also color mixing. As I can't seem to find them, them best I'm coming up with is the Altman PHX3, in the 15-35deg variant. Not really as fan of Altman however, since the big reason for this upgrade was that we couldn't get major components to keep the Shakespeares going, in other words, their fixtures aren't generationally compatible enough that major parts(i.e. the lamp cap, can't say how many became parts donors because the screws holding the lamp socket to the cap snapped at the slightest turn when arcing had killed a socket) for 10yr old fixtures.

In simple terms, I'm looking for recommendations for a zoom type leko, as close as possible in all ways to an Eclipse Prolight FS.

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