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Anyone know of a good way to easily make a scale stage scenery model or an image (it can look computer generated, I dont' care much about colors or anything, just the layout of the props and stuff)? Yeah...short question for once....:)

and free is nice too...



MS Paint?
if your suggesting photoshop then you can use a program orginally designed for linux and then made for windows that is suppose to do everything the same as photoshop. It is called gimp. You can get it at
For doing scale renderings I'd recommend any of the popular CAD programs (AutoCAD or Vectorworks, basically). Though they are not LEGALLY available for free, and cost a great deal to purchse. You can do any of the paint/drawinf functions you can in other programs and have it come out exactly to scale. There are multiple posts around CB about them.[/i]
Might want to try Sketchup. you can download a trial for 30 days and then just redownload the trial again and again the last time i check. You can draw the shapes and then just drag them to the height you want. You can then change the viewing point to anywhere.
That's a very interesting name. Sketchup?

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