...studying for a midterm...can someone please tell me what Slipitchka is? I know it is a painting is it done? :? :oops: :?
thanks a lot
Not in "Recepies for Surfaces" or "Decorating with Paint". Nor do I remember such a term from painting class in college under a ACE testing format.

Could be a new technique or something your instructor has a term for but is not persay a standard term. Doesn't help when you still need to know it and it could be important.

That's what I'm tinking at least - this given it's been +10 years since I last more or less studied such stuff as painting terms.

Should nobody else answer, I'm thinking it's time to ask the instructor before rather than during or after the test.

The heck are you doing in life in having time to study for mid-terms anyway?

Anyone else have that much time on their hands?
Heck no. See the time?

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