Stand-up comedy show


Anybody ever done a setup for a stand-up comedy routine? It will all be on the apron of the stage, so I'm thinkin of using some downlighting and gobo projection on our olio. We only got Source 4/Source Four PARs to work with, but any tips appreciated!!
I did lighting for an improv comedy night this past fall. I used Altamn Zip Strips as footlights and then put some Par 64's as backlight and used a couple of source 4's with gobos for between acts. It worked out well, I'm looking for some pictures :->
just watch some standups on comedy central.
Well one thing that I'm sure you know is you want ot have the light ballanced on the left and right of them so that there isn't like any major shadows or anything on his face. Normally if we know that the person is going to be doing that we do 3 basically downlights to the sides L and R of where they are standing and then we also but some on the back / sides of the theatre that point where he is. We normally make it so that the light isn't so tight that he can't walk around a little or w/e while doing their jokes.
Ya, that'd be the only thing i would be worried about, I would give them good even lighting right across the stage because it seems to me that alot of those guys like to walk back and forth across the stage. You could do more of a pool of light in the middle, i would just make sure it's big enough for them to walk around abit. Other then that, I think you should just make it fairly streight forward and simple.

Aight, I'll probly use a wash from the FOH and cheecks; thanks guys!
I just filmed a stand up comedy gig for a guy on monday. they basically had 1.2k pc's and par cans in front, on the sides and a few from the back to eliminate shadows.. they had frost and a sorta steel blue and a skin tone to make it look natural... was very effective!

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