What system do you use to call cues?

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Oct 2, 2004
We have one or two understudies this year, although i think it is the first year we have had them. I think it happened b/c this year's play has a small cast and the director couldnt take all her "favorite" actors so she gave them a script and told them to be understudies. If they dont have to act, one of them might be helping me call cues and keep the actors inline on stage, so that could be useful (at least one of the understudies has a good head and knows how to act in a theator) Lucky Me!


Nov 13, 2004
If you use a yellow highlighter, and view under a blue light, then the yellow 'pops out' at you, very useful (if used SPARINGLY) to indicate where a Q is. I understand that pink does an equally good job.


Jan 29, 2005
MA when it's cold, CA when it's warm.
moojoe said:
we use a combination of letters and numbers, for all light cues we use numbers, but for all sound cues we use letters, and when we get past Z we then start over with double letters, so the next one would be AA. this seems to work since it doesnt let us mix up our cues.
This is what we do - it keeps the suond cues and the light cues nicely in order.

As for the cue book, yeah, a script wth large margins works beautifully, unless you're going for a dance show. Speaking of which, for those of you who've SMed dance shows - what works best for a cue list?


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