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Strand 300 Series Desk Help

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by qu1cks1lver56, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. qu1cks1lver56

    qu1cks1lver56 Member

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    I posted a topic on this a while back but couldnt find it, and am in need of some help pretty badly.
    We have a Strand 300 Series Desk and i have no idea what im doing. i downloaded the 441 page manual, and it hasnt helped me do a thing. im trying to make subgroup 1 control cans 1 through 16 and it simply will not do it. i do the same thing the manual says, 1 thru 16 sub 1 shift record and i get nothing.

    someone please tell me what im doing wrong or point me to a manual that actually helps.

  2. CBR372

    CBR372 Active Member

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    Corpus Christi, TX
    Try this

    - Bring up Channels 1- 16 to full
    - Then hit <Record><Sub><1><Enter>
    - <Remdim> then bring up sub 1

    that should work!
  3. NickJones

    NickJones Active Member

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    Somewhere far far away, Vic, Aus
    The 300 manual is pretty useless if you have never used one (or any command line) desk before. I taught myself, the basics are pretty easy to grasp if you get a shove in the right direction. I know you just want to record a sub, but I will go from the start:
    Press 1 @ 1, this sets your channel 1 at 10% if you did [email protected] it would set 1 to 20%
    Press [email protected]@ this sets channel 2 at 100%
    1 THRU 5 @ 5 sets channel 1 Through to 5 at 50%
    1 + 3 @ @ sets 1 and 3 at 100%
    These are your basic commands to bring up lights.
    Other functions are:
    - if you did 1 THRU 5 @@ but you didn't want to talk to 3, you would do:
    1 THRU 5 - 3 @@ to set 1 THRU 5 @ 100 but not 3.
    The RemDim function is Remainder Dim, so it dims all but the selected channels.

    If you did 1 THRU 5 ENTER, you could then use the big wheel on the left hand side, to control the lights with. This also works with the THRU, +, -, REM,
    Once you have worked this out, you move onto programming.
    Cue 1 Record Enter programs the lights you currently have to cue one. You can label a cue by pressing TAB on your keyboard.

    You run cues by doing this:
    Cue 1 ENTER sets cue 1 to the wheel, you can then push the wheel up to bring up the lights. As you get more confident you can set fade times, meaning you press the go button, instead of using the wheel, it then fades up to your selected time. I found your post from a while ago. Strand made this it should just go into more detail on what I was talking about. After understanding the basics you can use the manual as a referance for stuff like recording effects/chases ect ect.

    To record a sub is easy, just press Sub Record 1, this will record your current state to submaster 1. Same goes for all your other subs.

    Hope I helped. Make sure you have a look at the QSG, your last post about this had this linked to it, if you looked at it, it would have given you answers. Print it out, take it with you, and sit down at the desk. This will teach you. PM me for any more help,
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  4. qu1cks1lver56

    qu1cks1lver56 Member

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    Thanks so much. I'm.on a its post but I've got a couple more ?s ill ask when I get to a computer
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