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I'm fairly new to the strand board so please excuse the newb post. Looking for a human answer, have tried the "RTFM" method the past day or 2..

I have a show with 75 cues, tracking seems nice if I'm going to go sequentially through the show and be done with it.. Well, I'm having to edit almost every cue with needed changes and when I edit and rerecord say Q22 with a newly added light @ FL, then the board automatically records it into Q22.1 and so on until I manually take the added light out and re-record the Q22.1 without the added light from Q22.. textbook Q tracking I guess..

I tried something along the lines of hitting the "Q only / Track" button with "cue 1 through 100" after it, then <enter>... No change.. I tried hitting "Q only" <enter> by itself but that is improper syntax..

Is there a "quick trick" to turning this tracking off for all my cues so I can edit them all without worries about sequential cues getting messed up.. And is there a quick way to go back and forth for future shows.. because as I mentioned.. I'd only want tracking on initial Q programming, but when editing time comes.. I want Q only mode.

Any human input appreciated. manual wasn't much help and am in a rush. Thanks in advance!

sorry this is very late, im sure you have the problem sorted by now but how do you mean q tracking?
what is the key sequence you are typing to rerecord a q?
i assume you are in live mode (as opposed to preview mode) also
somewhere in the setup/options (show options, I believe) there is a way to switch from between Q ONLY and TRACKING modes. You are in the tracking mode, but you want to be in Q ONLY. I'm not sure of the proper syntax, but for individual cues it should be something like (Q ONLY) (CHN) (2) (7) (AT) (8) (enter)
or maybe
(CHN) (2) (7) (AT) (8) (Q ONLY) enter.

Good luck! typically my head just works better in Q ONLY mode, although there are some effects that are only possible in tracking modes and some designer/programmer teams that greatly perfer it.
go to (report)(advance setup)(show setup) to change "tracking on" to "this que only". then if you want to add a new light to all the ques or some of them, use (update) , very helpfully feature.
Another feature in the Strand 300/500 OS along these lines is groups.

Lets say you have a bunch of lights that you use in all your cues:


You record these with proportional levels in a group. You then bring this group up and record your cues. After programming 300 cues, you realize you need all three of these lights to be 15% dimmer. Update the group, and the change propogates to all the subs, cues, fx that the group is used in. Similiarly, you can add/subtract channels all together from groups.

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