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Tascam DR-07 vs DR-1 internal mics

Discussion in 'Sound, Music, and Intercom' started by jkowtko, May 18, 2009.

  1. jkowtko

    jkowtko Active Member

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    Redwood City, CA
    Has anyone been able to compare firsthand the internal mic quality (and noise floor) of the new DR-07 vs the DR-1?

    The Wingfield Audio samples indicate that the DR-07 is quite a bit noisier ... I just don't know if it's bad enough to make it useless.

    I currently own a Marantz PMD660 but would like to "upgrade" to newer, SD format, etc. I primarily use Line In/Out for recording and playback from the board, but on occasion use the internal mics for on-the-fly voiceovers, and to record sound effects. So the mics aren't highest priority for me, but if they are unusable it will affect my decision.

    Overall I like the DR-07 better due to (a) smaller size, (b) 3rd mic gain level, (c) regular batteries, and (d) built-in stand mount. But if the internal mics suck, I'll get the DR-1.

    Thanks. John
  2. JLMoore3

    JLMoore3 Member

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    While I can't comment on the DR-1 internal mics, I have been using the DR-07 for a couple of months... The main complaints I would have regarding using the internal mics would be-
    1) The handling noise on the unit is quite loud. I've tried using a glove, but that hasn't resolved the issue... It's best used on a stand.
    2) The supplied windscreen isn't good for much... It might work to keep down plosives, if you were using the recorder in an interview situation, but not much else. If you really need to use this outdoors you might consider picking up a "Dead Kitten" windscreen from R0de.

    The rest of your comments on the DR-07 are right on the money- it is quite portable, & even stealthy (if that's needed ;)).

    John Moore

    Edit: Oh, yeah... Another nice thing about the DR-07 is that it automatically creates new files when it reaches 2GB. This gives you much longer unattended recording times (depending on the memory card size).
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