Tent gig... lights and sound pics.


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Here's a couple of pics in the afternoon before the party started.

My control area:


The stage:


The tent:


The truss:

the ones in the last pic look like par cans (silvers ones) and a vairant of a t-beam

that looks like a nice gig there
Fixtures used for this event (due to the clients budget constraints) were:

4 - Omega 250C color changers
4 - Intimidator scanners
1 - Insignia barrel mirror scanner
2 - Par 56
1 - Rainbow moonflower
1 - DMX 4 dimmer/relay pack
1 - DMX 50 controller

With a trim height of 14'6" we left the Mac's in the warehouse.
We're AT dealers and have hundreds of both the 2000 and 3000 series wireless systems in the field as mobile and fixed installation units. Warranty service calls are all but non-existent. Wonderful systems.

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