The night of the living dead change over

Chaos is Born

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Well we had our final change over last night, and it was quite a sight to see, out of the six of us that were originally working here is how we were at about half way through:

1 bad ankle (bad enough that crutches were involved)
1 sick with flu like symtoms and taking meds
2 with lower back pain
2 with shoulder pain

It got so bad our artistic and managing directors were in helping move walls around!
I've been on a few like that. My favorite was two - three years ago. strike night, 4 carps called for the load out. 2 called sick, 1 called with a better paying union gig loading in a concert, 1 just never showed up. If it hadn't been for the costumer, Props Mistress, and < of all people > the Box Office Manager, I think the set would still be sitting there. Luckily it was a small show, but still it was a total *****.

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