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the soundonator

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by mitchditch101, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. mitchditch101

    mitchditch101 Member

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    i am mitchell scott
    i live in sydney australia, and i go to a public high school. my school has a small setup, 4 profiles, 36 parcans and 4x 4way CYC lights. a jands stage 12 desk, a 12 channel dimmer rack and a 40 output. and for sound(we have 2 systems)
    1. installed: 2 freedman FOH speakers, 2 freedman foldback monitors, 2 amps, 2 EQ's and 1 inter-M rackmouted RMX mixer
    2. portable: 2 JBL mrx500 foh speakers, no foldback(we plug it in to the installed system), 1 amp, no EQ's(just the mixer EQ) , and a behringer UB2442FXPRO mixer.
    from this i have learnt alot about sound/lights, as this is the profession i want to go into.
    i am 15 and just wanted to talk to poeple that understand what i am talking about, whenever i talk to my perants they are like "whaaauu?".
    i have also used the hog 1000 once before for about an our. i like it.
  2. Hughesie

    Hughesie Well-Known Member

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    Freelance Lighting Programmer/grandMA Trainer
    Melbourne, Australia
    Welcome to Controlbooth.

    The Hog 1000 is a fantastic desk, being a complete jands head i have to ask was it a Flying Pig or a Jands. Oh and watch the language and spelling.
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