ULX system Advice and input sought

Shure is good, ULX looks good, I'D BUY IT :)
Shure is a good brand. I have used and installed Shure SLX, ULXP, and UC wireless. I noticed you chose the combo kit, in case you didn't realize you can only use either the handheld or the lav at a time. Also i am not a fan of the WL183/4/5 mic, there is a ton of wind noise, and it is very bulky thus making it look bad. As an alturitive the WL93 is an awesome mic for general use, such as in conference rooms w/ overhead speakers; or if you are in a theatre only suituation the WL51 is an awesome theatre mic from Shure. As for the headset mic, i have no commment because that is not something i have had to deal with or have any expeirence with. If you want to use both at once, drop down to the SLX and buy two, it is a great series and reasonable prices, and the RF sync is really cool. Your Shure dealer will be able to help you put everything together, because you cannot buy directly from Shure (bummer). I hope this helps.

I use two ULXS4 J1 & ULX2 w/ Beta 58 for all our Show Choir performances. The system is very stable, really haven't had a problem with it.
I have experience with the ULX and SLX systems. We currently have four ULX Pro Receivers, four Beta87C transmitters, and two bodypack transmitters with WL93 capsules. I absolutely love the ULX systems - they have rock-solid reliability, they have decent battery life, and they are rugged. I'm not so fond of the SLX, as I have yet to get decent reception from over 100 feet with them (with 1/4 wave antennas). The ULX works at 150 feet plus with a clear line of sight.

Some things to consider:

1) You must have a receiver for every mic you want to operate at once. That means if you need both a bodypack and a handheld at once, you need two receivers.

2) The WL183/4/5 capsules are large and bulky, and are very difficult to hide. The WL93 sounds great, and is cheaper to boot.

3) I saw that you specified the J1 frequency band. Be absolutely sure that this is the best band for you. Go here and run a frequency check on your area: http://www.shure.com/scripts/freq_app/default.asp

4) See if you need the professional receiver. The differences are outlined below, courtesy of Shure's knowledgebase.
Professional Receiver           Standard Receiver
Rack hardware included          Rack hardware optional
Grp and ch frequency scan       Channel frequency scan
RF and audio level meters       Audio level meters
Adjustable squelch              Fixed squelch
Metal receiver                  Plastic receiver
Can lockout front panel         Cannot lockout front panel
Displays group/channel, 
  TV channel, and frequency	    Displays group/channel and TV channel
Includes 1/2 wave antennas	    Includes 1/4 wave antennas

5) If at all possible, try them before you buy them.[/code]
I use 14 ulx body packs at once at my school. stuff is rugged, and the lock out feature is a plus. Only drawback is that people tend to pick up the mics by the wire insted of the pack and it screws up the microphone. Other than that they have been perfect. and run for about 6 hours solid.

Now mixing them can get challanging though :)

btw I run split 7-j1 and 7-m1 sets
I'm from the school Wemeck ATDs at and we went ahead and bought 3 ULX combos. Now the grand total is 14 UHF Combos and 3 ULX combos. We keep the receivers about 80 feet+ from the center of the stage, and reception has never been a real issue. However, it seems like they have poor battery life. Anybody else have this problem?
What kind of battery do you use in your wirless mic's or do they come with a battery? That does make a big different! Not just maker of the battery but if it is a rechargeable or a non-rechargeable. Try to always stay with the battery’s that are not rechargeable, if you can. You can only use the battery’s once but they are more reliable I have learned. I have had rechargeable battery’s die on me with in minutes after being recharge fully but I have never had a non-rechargeable battery die under a 5 to 6 hour use of the battery. The rechargeable battery’s I was using were not crappie ones they were good batteries, Just not good enough for the mic’s.
I just started a seperate topic on wireless batteries!

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