Wiring a StagePin Plug

I'm rewiring some electrical cables of ours and I'm wondering which wires go where in a 20 amp stage plug. Im pretty sure the hot is the farthest pin away then the ground is the closest one to the hot and the neutral is right next to it. I'm just trying to get it strait so I don't wire something wrong and cause some problems. I might go ask if i can get a electrician from our carreer center to help me with it so i don't mess anythign up.
I would follow up with the electrician on this one. Have him show you how to do one and then see if he will supervise you directly whilst you wire up a couple. If he is confident in your ability he may allow you to wire up the rest of them without direct supervision. HOWEVER - you should ensure that he tests all of them before you (or anyone else) plugs them in or uses them.

Take a look at some of the "Picture" related topics in the Question of the day forum. You wiss be able to see what happens when things go wrong.

This is a great opportunity to have a professional electrician teach you a very valuable and practical skill.

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