Yes, another n0oB


Well Im a n0oB here, obviously, I am also from Canada. I am in my Highschools Tech organization, P.A. Tech, and I can do almost everything. We just recently got a new lighting board (a Marquee by Entertainment Technology) so I have yet to learn that. I hope I enjoy my stay!


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G’day Kevin and welcome to CB. I am confident that you will find most answers that you are looking for here. Don’t be afraid to resurrect old posts as that is common place here and it is interesting to see common themes doing regular cycles.

The site recently underwent a major revamp and you might look in the individual fora and think they are pretty empty. My suggestion is to either hit the archives (link at the bottom of each page) or use the search feature.

I look forward to seeing you around the site.


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hey buddy welcome to the site. no matter age you are all the people at control booth will make you feel comfortable

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