Zero 88 FLX?


May 12, 2015
Has anyone had hands on with this console yet? First impressions?
I'm asking because if it is such a good all rounder as they say it is this would be perfect for my venue as we're a community theatre with a variety of shows mainly live music though. I've used two Zero 88 desks the Jester and the Solution XL so I'm familiar with the zerOS workflow. I would be using it to control several moving heads and some LED battens and PARs along with some source 4s and Fresnels. Would also be using it for busking a lot as well as theatrical shows and such.
I'm also wondering if it would be a good idea to wait a few months because as with a lot of technology the first iteration normally has a few bugs and such.


Apr 11, 2011
Hi SmashA,
I'm Jon, Product Manager of Zero 88. I think I've replied to your thread on Reddit too? This is what I wrote:

Hi Smashers201,
I'm Jon, Product Manager for Zero 88 and FLX. Where are you located? We'd love to help you make an informed decision by giving you a hands-on demo of the console. If you're in the UK, we should be able to do this at your venue. If you're outside the Uk, we can do this through our worldwide distributors. I'm happy to continue the conversation here, or move over to email - [email protected].
All the best,

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