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    Etc Element Automatic File Backup?

    I am wondering if there is a way to automatically backup all files when you save to Disk on the ETC EOS line, specifically the ETC Element. I am hoping to plug a small USB in the back of the console and have it duplicate all saves to the harddrive of the console automatically when ever I save...
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    Speaker Cable Issue

    I am looking to replace some speaker cable for my summer gig. We have some practical speaker lines that fun around 100ft from the amps to the stage. We are using home speaker cable probably 14/18Awg. I am looking for recommendations for speaker cable and wondering if updating to a lower gauge...
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    Dimmer Doubling/Multiplex vs. Normal

    Well my issue is that I have two difference spaces that use the same dimmers, one of the spaces uses dimmer doublers and the other we use regular 575w S4 units. We distinguish which space is using the dimmers at a specific time by turning off breakers at the hard patch panel. It is not possible...
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    Dimmer Doubling/Multiplex vs. Normal

    My main question here is I am wondering if I can leave my Sensor Rack in normal mode and still have the dimmer doubles work. Basically I do not like the intensity loss from the dimmers when they are in multiplex mode. I would like to be able to use the dimmer double settings without loss of...
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    Making a Sound Bible

    I have been working in sound for a while and heard the term "Sound Bible" but I am not really sure what needs to go in a sound bible or how to make one. Any advice on the format and the content will be helpful. My idea of this is just a combination of all the paperwork and such but I want to...
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    How to have an automated switcher for radio and in ear mix?

    Simply I do a lot of A2 jobs. I want to be able to hear the mix in an in ear and when I get a radio call have it over power the mix. In other words I need a way to be listening to the band from a better prospective but still get radio calls.. Any suggestions?
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    Self mixing console?

    Is there any development or thought in this field? I want to know if any company or such is trying to make a console that self mixes with out human interaction. What are your thoughts on the subject?
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    Does a headset transmitter exist?

    The performer is currently using the Samson airline 77 but it runs in the 800mhz frequency and in the core of Boston we are having serious interference issues.
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    Does a headset transmitter exist?

    I am looking for a professional grade headset that also transmits. I am basically looking for a professional yoga trainer microphone. Basic needs; -can't have any cables -No body pack -Must be tuneable
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    Wireless Dual Audio Transmitter and Receiver in one pack?

    Is there a audio pack made by anyone who can do both Transmitting and Receiving. In other words I want to have a belt pack that can have both a wireless microphone attachment and an inear but within one single pack. Is this possible and does anyone make this?
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    buy and sell sounds

    I am looking for a website to purchase and sell different sound effects. please give me recommendations.
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    two way radios and handsets?

    I am looking to get a handset with an in ear. But I want to know if all handsets with two prongs will fit and work with ask two way radios that I may encounter in the field. if this is possible, does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Chem Pad vs. Canned Air

    In both situations we remove the windscreen. we are actually not using one for two of our lavs.
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    Chem Pad vs. Canned Air

    My boss currently swears that the alcohol wipes will clean the element by wipping it down. But I think the alcohol wipes are only good for such things as tape residue on the cable. I like to spray out the microphones for sweet with canned air. I haven't found evidence for either claim, so if...
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    Chem Pad vs. Canned Air

    So i would like to discuss the pros and cons of chem pad vs. canned air to clean out sweat from an element. The key elements to discuss; Durability Effectiveness Speed Cost