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    HP / Agilent is also a name to consider...I have seen a scopes that is good to I think it was 100 GHz, it's one of three pieces of test gear in the so called million dollar room at a leading AV manufacturer, so probably a little overspecced and pricey for this application...
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    Get ready for DisplayPort 2.0

    Of course that cable will be distance limited to only a few metres but that won't stop people wanting to be able to do it in a boardroom or auditorium or...
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    Illegal adapter? 1x63A to 2x32A

    The thing is, at least in Aus, there is no requirement for a distro to have an input breaker. It's quite compliant to have 4 or more 10 or 20A breaker fed from 1 32A inlet. If these are all loaded to capacity, you have exceeded your input rating and are relying on the upstream protection to...
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    Illegal adapter? 1x63A to 2x32A

    First off, nothing in this world is 100% safe.And this adapter has the potential to be no where near 100% safe. On a standard circuit breaker curve, at 100% loading, the trip time is in the order of an hour... So now we've got 63A flowing through a 32A rated piece of cable for an hour before...
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    Illegal adapter? 1x63A to 2x32A

    if it is, they are using the wrong Cees. Red Cee for three phase means blue Cee for single phase assuming a standard star voltage configuration (as can generally be assumed in the 230V world)
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    What is replacing Shure UR?

    Apart from the differences between ULX-D and QLX-D Mike noted, QLX-D can't do high density mode, so depending on your spectrum situation and range requirements that might be a deciding factor...
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    DMX over dimmer wiring

    I don't know about North American code, but repurposing a mains cable to run data on could be non kosher. We are required to maintain separation and/or segregation between comms and such ELV cabling and mains wiring. If the run goes through existing structure, shared conduits, etc, it is highly...
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system Designed for the purpose, I assume priced accordingly, bluetooth radio with pairing button on a wall plate and a Catx connection back to the audio breakout. RS232 control, including the ability to disable said pair button...
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    maximum cable length with triplehead2go?

    And also reminding people that HDCP content can come form places other than BluRay, iTunes for example... IF and only IF, you control the source 100% of the time, SDI will serve you well. If you need to cater for someone walking in with their own laptop, then HDBT and the like, along with...
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    Dante AVIO

    Typically enterprise networks that need MAC addresses will do one of 2 things with unknown devices; 1 - Shut down the switch port 2 - Place the device into a "quarantine" VLAN. Typically these networks also run 802.1X authentication, and the quarantine VLAN allows the device to be online enough...
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    Outboard Gear London Architect to Audio Architect

    Yeah, thanks Harman for thinking about your users when you made that call to change software tools with no migration path. One system I've dealt with is a Blu linked system of 12 BLU-100s, 14 BLU-BIBs, a BLU-160 and a BLU-120, with something like 150 inputs and 25 outputs all written in London...
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    Plugs around the world

    Yep, but isn't the voltage rating a peak one? 240V RMS is about 340V peak, so we're now outside the 300V rating... Australian cable is all a minimum of 600V rated, and required to be double insulated...
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    Plugs around the world

    Oh dear. That's probably also got 240V running through a cable designed for 120, given it's an Australian outlet... I do hope the RCD has been tested lately
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    LDI 2018

    I've seen the rules enforced at Infocomm, someone trying to do a down the aisle video was politely asked to stop by security...
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    LDI 2018

    The Westgate's offerings were certainly better than what LVCC had at Infocomm, but its a bit of a stretch to call it decent food...