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    ULX-D or other Digital Wireless for Musicals?

    Thanks so much for your advice Mike! I guess if I had one other question it would be, what is the most common issue that arises with digital wireless systems? I know how to troubleshoot most analog problems at this point, but I am interested to know what to expect to pop up from a digital system...
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    ULX-D or other Digital Wireless for Musicals?

    Hi All, I am looking to request funding for a major upgrade to our current wireless system for musicals. My question is if anyone has experience working with Shure ULX-D or other digital wireless systems on shows requiring 20-30 transmitters? I have experience with SLX and UHF-R systems but...
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    Hellermann Sleeve Size?

    Thanks! I ended up going with H20 since I was a tight schedule, glad to know you think they will work out fine. For the others here is a link to some info about the type of micing I am doing. The top picture is of a Hellermann tool.:Low-Tech Must-Haves In Your Wireless Mics Toolkit | Sound...
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    Hellermann Sleeve Size?

    Hi there ControlBoothers, I am ordering my first Hellermann tool and sleeves for use with Countryman B3 mics and was wondering if anyone had a suggested size for the Hellermann sleeves? Seems like something between H12 and H20? Thanks in advance, Ryan
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    Baylor theatre technology

    Hi Txtech, I think it is fortuitous that I stumbled upon this thread seeing as I am actually THE staff/faculty member in charge of the sound design department at Baylor. I can give you answers to many of the questions you are asking if you have not already figured out what you wanted to know. It...
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    Automated Fixtures Hanging moving lights with c-clamps

    I know this an old thread but I am looking at getting the mega-claws andam nervous because on their website: Mega-Claw It says it fits 1.9" to 2" OD pipe. I have pipe ranging from 1.75" to 2" OD and would like to be able to use with all of them. Has anyone used these for pipe smaller than 1.9"...
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    Qlab Controller Box FS

    That makes sense. I shall have to try that one. Thanks for the info
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    Antari Ice-101 Best Setting?

    Hmmm, that is good to know. I have not had mine shut off on me as of yet. *fingers crossed*
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    Qlab Controller Box FS

    I saw that! I actually bookmarked your page the other day and planned on contacting you this summer to try to emulate what you did. I do indeed want to make one that will work independent of where the focus is as well as incorporating cue status feedback. I just haven't gotten there yet. What I...
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    Qlab Controller Box FS

    Actually, is it basically a USB keyboard with the buttons activating the Qlab keystroke commands. The GO button sends a spacebar, STOP sends ESC, PAUSE sends a P, LAST is the up arrow, NEXT is down arrow, and H is well...H. On the back of the box, next to where the cable comes out there is also...
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    Qlab Controller Box FS

    Hey CB! I have started making Qlab controller boxes that look like this: More and better pictures here: Qlab Controller Box - Imgur The enclosure for this one is grey, but the next one will be a translucent blue. Mainly I am seeing what kind of interest there is for something like...
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    Eos v2.0

    I am excited yet dubious about the magic sheet function. BUT, I am gonna try it and see how it goes. Thanks for the info!
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    LED Safety recall - Fire hazzard

    Just saw this and thought "Crap, I gotta take back those direct replacement LED PAR bulbs in my living room..." but NOPE. Not included in the recall "Fist pump"
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    Smith Theater Fire

    I'll will admit I thought this post was going to end with someone realizing they left the foggers going while out to lunch...
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    Save Tungsten Campaign

    +1 on the halogen comment above by Les