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    Fogger as Disinfectant

    My school operations team is asking me if my foggers can be used to disinfect furniture for Covid19 germs, instead of wiping them down. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I think also, that we'd probably be willing to permenently disable the fogger for future stage fogging purposes in order...
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    WTF is this? Who makes it?

    I actually tried the reverse image search too and got the same thing. Haha.
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    WTF is this? Who makes it?

    I had thought of this, but usually rental companies don't like to give out that type of information for proprietary reasons. I used to work for an events/rentals company. I did email them but I haven't heard back yet. Thanks.
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    WTF is this? Who makes it?

    What type of light is this? All I can find is that it's called a "Brick" for obvious reasons but I can't find a manufacturer nor can I find a retailer for this. I can find it for rent, but that's it.
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    Unconventional support for Triscuits

    I appreciate your reply. I had originally thought that I should think of it as a home deck and set it to 2x6. I really need the cylindrical look for the supports and I want to see the back wall. I didn't completely explain that the backside of the platform will be attached to the back wall of...
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    Unconventional support for Triscuits

    I have inherited a triscuit inventory with a new job and would like to use it because I don't have the space to store 2x4 framed platforms. However, I don't have a lot of experience with them. I am wanting to build a 12' x 12' platform at a height of 8' and support it with 2" lead pipe instead...
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    I am looking for any helpful techniques to help make an actor seem larger on stage. I figure if I uplight him from each side, that should help. I am doing To Kill a Mockingbird and the director wants Boo to seem larger than life when he comes to the door. Any help on this would be appreciated.
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    First post...Altman vs Strand

    I am a Set Designer/Technical Director/Lighting Designer/Sound tech. Jack of all...master of none you could say. I have always been used to working with altman instruments. I recently took a job as a technical director/lighting instructor for a high school that has a beautiful new theatre...