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    Flying a 1 oz crown

    No one will be wearing it, it will be placed on a table with LED lights in it
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    Flying a 1 oz crown

    I am a lighting designer, for Easter my choir director wants to fly a crown of thorns from the front of the church sanctuary to the choir loft which is pretty far and I know that he wants to use heavy duty fishing line, has anyone done something like this in the past? and does anyone have any...
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    I was wondering what are good theatrical laser companies? as well laser preferences. I am just wanting to learn about the differences between each of them and how to control the different types since all the theaters where I have worked I never got to play with anything like them.
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    Rigging for pipes

    I am redesigning the lights for a church and I am having a problem trying to figure out how to hang a 1" pipe vertically from the celing of a church I am sure someone has posted this before can someone help me on how I could do this?
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    We want to focus them in specific places in the sanctuary
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    They are just used for lighting the congregation
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    I just got asked to do some research to get 8 LED lights for my church I was thinking about getting CHAUVET Professional COLORdash Par Quad-7 has anyone used this LED or do you have any other suggestions by the way we don''t have a lighting console or dmx capability so we would have to change...
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    ETC Elations

    I started with 5 pin DMX then switched to 3 pin to the first light then started using XLR mic cable because the theatre ran out of DMX
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    ETC Elations

    I am the master electrician on a show that uses 2 Elations, 6 LED Moving Heads, and 8 k9 pups which are addressed correctly, but when I put in a DMX line into the 6 moving heads and the 8 pups one of the moving heads is not functioning correctly. And when I put the line in with the Elations...
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    Titanic the Musical

    I am currently working on the show and I am in charge of the special effects in the second Act it calls for a tea-cart to roll across the stage, I think I know how to do it with a invisible line being pulled from the bottom of the cart, but I want your opinions what are your opinions on how this...
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    That's my idea of it yes, but how do you put MSC commands into the computer?
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    I am trying to put light cues from an expression lightboard into Qlab, as well as putting sound effects into the same Cue and I know I need to use the midi cue, has anyone done this if so was it difficult to do this? Also how would I do it?
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    Vectorworks 2013

    I am working in Vectorworks for the first time, and I really like the program, but I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to create or find a way to put the key, legend, and title block into the light plot, does anyone have ideas of where to find it, or do I have to design one?
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    I am the sound designer for a childrens show and the AD wants a interesting sound to go with the final blackout that sounds like the electricity went out does anyone have any ideas what to search for?
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    Breakaway Teacup

    I am directing a play where someone drops a teacup and it is supposed to shatter into pieces for a directing class in College, and I talked to my professor and she told me it can't shatter into a million pieces so I need help on how to make a teacup fall on the ground and break in half without...