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    Building a Row Boat for Ah, Wilderness

    Here's what we built for Peter Pan in 2014....
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    Low profile wagon, Broadway-style

    Yep, familiar with those, just didn't follow the piano hinge reference.....
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    One Crew Member Killed in Explosion at ‘Texas!’ Musical in Palo Duro Canyon Read More: One Person K

    Stage manager....Friday night’s performance of the musical “Texas!” in Palo Duro Canyon was cancelled after a crew member was killed in an explosion. The Associated Press and KVII-TV report that a 21 year-old female stage manager was killed in a fireworks explosion. The stage manager was...
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    12v DMX relay

    I built three of these kits to control fog machines....Rough cost was about $65-70 each for the kit, case and other parts and about two hours to drill case, solder, assemble...I don't see any reason why the relay can't be changed to something higher current if needed. It might not fit on the...
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    Low profile wagon, Broadway-style

    A sketch would help. I don't follow what the piano hinges are used for.
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    Wooden Water Tower - Creating Cylinder

    I guess it's a tradeoff of layup time versus making and assembling the plywood rings. If the diameter is over 4' it will require multiple pieces of plywood ring pieces cut out and assembled as well - 4' or less probably a better way and faster. I would think the rings would need flat sides cut...
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    Wooden Water Tower - Creating Cylinder

    I think I would build this from 6-8" wide strips of lauan with the desired bevel cut on each edge and make a cradle type jig with the required radius of a section of the wall and then lay them down and glue sections together, maybe a quarter or eighth at a time. Once the sections are done...
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    Pin Spots

    Bought 8 of these for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar to uplight some columns....Worked pretty well, but the collimation of the LEDs is not the best at close distance but acceptable at ~7-15'. Pretty bright and darn cheap. Ordered and received in 7 days with free shipping. One...
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    Equipment & Cable ID Labels
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    Source for replacement PCB mount transformers

    It looks like you can order a replacement board for about $40 from here:
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    "Greased Lightning" Ideas

    Email sent.
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    NSI Melange Pro help needed!

    If your cue stack is not working, you can load submasters with looks (or groups). Set your desired channel levels, press record, press the bump button under the submaster you want to store it in. You have to remember to load the submasters when the board is turned on. Press Load (above the...
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    NSI Melange Pro help needed!

    That shouldn't matter. Even a time of 0.00 works for up/down/delay....(at least on the one I'm using presently)
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    Moving Light as Follow Spot

    Easy peasy....Mount a camera looking through a spot light sighting tool...
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    NSI Melange Pro help needed!

    There are two GO buttons as you are probably aware (for C and D autofaders). Is the cue list loaded into the correct autofader? The loaded autofader is indicated on the screen with a "*" as the active one. Never encountered this problem before. I have experienced weird cue lists after a number...