moving head

  1. Dragonfire

    Any experience working with Grace Lite Isis 575's before?

    Have a friend who's looking for some basic movers for his house parties and found these being offered at $45 apiece. Can't really find info on them so I'm wondering if anybody is familiar with them and might be able to advise? Is this a good price or are they really not worth any amount of money?
  2. C

    Moving head on a tripod

    What are your thoughts on mounting a moving head to a tripod? I would mount it on the center of the tripod, on top of the T-bar with 2 static lights(ETC CS spot/par) on the ends of T-bar? Moving head weight: 9.9 kg (21.7 lbs) Robe LedBeam350. Stand...
  3. Mike52

    Automated Fixtures LED Movers - Purchase Advice

    Hey all, sorry for yet another post on movers. We are picking up 11-13 new profiles and I am looking for experiences/advice with any of the following.Martin - ERA 600 Profile Martin - MAC Quantum - We have used and they are solid fixtures, but no CTO or shutters make them less desirable...
  4. N

    Are you using the ETC Releve Spot? Would you buy it again?

    I am suggesting some lights to update a small theatre and as much as I want to like the Releve, it seems hard to believe it will be very useful given its low brightness.The type of theatre is exactly what seems to be the market for this fixture, but looking at ETC's own photometrics app it is...
  5. NickVon

    I-Cue/Iris "moving Head" alternative

    So my friend and I were researching some alternatives to adding (2) additional I-Cue/Iris setups to our respective venues. We both already have 2 in each of our venues.19d Source 4's with I-Cue mirror, City Theatrical DMX iris (the 4pin) kind, Rosco 4 Channel PSU and Dmx/Scroller cable) The...
  6. Colin Bishop

    Mac 550 Dimmer

    So I have a Mac 550 that dims poorly. It only turns on at about 50% and as such it looks off compared to my other ones. When strobing sometimes the dimmer will also end up in the wrong position, letting a little bit of light leak out at 0%, I have to reset the fixture to fix that issue but the...
  7. M

    Elation Design Spot 250 Pro Tilt Error

    Hi Guys,I am having an issue with 1 of my Elation Design Spot 250 Pro's, It has a tilt error. Below is a video of the fixture powering on doing self checks twice and then it starts to randomly try to tilt. I have changed the PCB with the 2 sensors on (PCB0035A) with another fixture an the...
  8. justKC

    Automated Fixtures Highend solaspot1000

    I am the resident lighting designer is a 500 seat theatre we do mostly community theatre but do bring in some smaller acts for one night preformances. We just upgraded our system to an all LED rig run by a ETC ion. We have some money left over and are considering some movers to be hung at front...
  9. Jeffry Garcia

    Automated Fixtures Looking to upgrade some lights?

    Hey Everyone!I have a big storage full of lights that have never been used that I need to get rid of...Almost any kind of light you can imagine. -Moving heads (Wash, Spot, Beam) -Par Cans -Controllers -Etc.Don't know if this is the right place to post but let me know if you're interested!
  10. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK2 Wash User Manual Rev. 3

    Maverick MK2 Wash rewrites the rules on wash fixtures with its flawlessly even output, custom designed optics, full pixel mapping, virtual gobo wheel with background colors, pre-programmed colors and 7º-49º zoom range. Powered by 12 (40 W) Osram RGBW LEDs, it has the muscle to handle any...
  11. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK2 Spot User Manual Rev. 4

    Maverick MK2 Spot is a stunningly bright moving yoke spot featuring a 440 W LED engine, precision engineered optics, CMY + CTO color mixing, two 6-position rotating slot and lock gobo wheels, a 7-position + white color wheel, variable frost, 3-facet prism and 13º – 37º zoom range. Control it as...
  12. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK1 Hybrid User Manual Rev. 1

    Maverick MK1 Hybrid puts a world of options at your fingertips with advanced optics, overlapping 8 and 4-facet prisms, a versatile gobo package, a 3º – 18º zoom range in spot mode and 19º – 41º in wash mode, and a robust CMY color system. Powered by a 440 W Osram Sirius reflector lamp, this...
  13. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Elation Satura CMY Spot Pro VS Clay Paky Spot 300

    Which is better? Answer the poll...
  14. H

    Creating a rep plot with moving fixtures

    The company I work for is opening our own space and we are currently in the process of creating a lighting inventory for the new space.The space will house several theatre and dance companies with very little change over time between productions so we are needing to create a rep plot that...
  15. Oliver Guy

    Design Martin Mac 301 not booting?

    Hi there,We just recently purchased 6 Martin Mac 301 fixtures from 4Wall ( They were all working great, but one of them was taking about 45 seconds longer to boot. After about 2 days of use, this one will not turn on at all. The fan on the underside of the fixture will not...
  16. S

    Control/Dimming Switch on lights from switch or DB ?

    Hi Guys!Just a question! Im currently doing lightings in a church installation setting. Basically, i currently switch on the lights via the normal wall switches or power iso. I also have access to the power db. So which do you guys normally use? I would prefer the db as i feel that the wall...
  17. L

    American DJ Accu Spot Pro

    Hi, I was wondering if any one has used or has had any experience with this fixture? I have found a used pair online for a decent price and I was wondering if its worth buying or not?Thanks, Christian
  18. fofosfederation

    Control/Dimming My Intelligent Fixtures Power Up When My Board Shuts Down

    General I'm a student at a college theater, and we have an incredibly annoying problem where a random number of our intelligent lights will power up as soon as our lighting board turns off. Our SetupETC Eos Lighting Board Connects to an ETC Net3 Show Control Gateway Ancient ETC Dimmer Rack...
  19. kingjames

    Automated Fixtures Elation Platinum LED Spot II - does it use encoders?

    I'm an undergrad mechanical engineering student in a product design class- my team is trying to design a system that would be a plug-in to existing moving head fixtures, and would allow them to automatically track a performer. We bought the Elation Platinum LED Spot II (hasn't arrived yet), and...