moving light troubleshooting

  1. A

    Elation Platinum Wash Trouble Shooting

    Any one have experience diagnosing flickering issues on Elation wash movers?My client has some Elation Platinum Wash ZFX units in a permanent event space install. I do an annual maintenance sweep for them. Last year a couple of the units started to flicker when they get close to full on (R...
  2. D

    Automated Fixtures VL1100AS DMX Response

    Hello everyone! I’ve been having a bit of a weird issue with a Vl1100AS fixture where it will occasionally randomly freeze in its current state and not respond to any dmx commands (including fixture reset and such) and then usually 5-10 min later or so just start working again on its own...
  3. MRW Lights

    Martin MH Profile Plus hanging iris failure

    Okay hive mind here's a new one at least for me... I have a Martin MH Profile Plus with a "stuck" Iris. I say "stuck" because if it's on the deck it works fine, but the second you hang it the Iris stops working. We have exhausted the trouble shooting list, isolating the dmx, resetting the...
  4. Robert Rivera

    Automated Fixtures Moving Head Tilt Error

    Hello, I have two Elation Platinum Spot 5r moving heads, both with tilt errors. The sensor or pcb board is not broken I have checked before. idk what to do ! The tilt moves when the fixture is doing a reset but doesn't work after that. Is it a software glitch. Or is their a way I can reset the...
  5. Nolan

    Automated Fixtures Mac 2K Performance 2 Repair

    Hi guys, So i have a week until opening night and i have a MAC 2K Performance II fixture throwing an error code that i just cant figure out. Its the effects wheel error(EFER) and whenever the light turns on the effects wheel doesn't calibrate to the correct home position so beam FX are all...
  6. D

    Elektralite Paintcan Issues

    Hi! So I'm working on a show that is using an Elektralite Paintcan (yes, I know it is a rather unliked fixture but I acquired it for free). Until a few days ago it had served the production flawlessly for what we were using it for (washing part of a room in a site-specific theater piece in...