Hello everyone!
I’ve been having a bit of a weird issue with a Vl1100AS fixture where it will occasionally randomly freeze in its current state and not respond to any dmx commands (including fixture reset and such) and then usually 5-10 min later or so just start working again on its own, responding to what it’s being sent. Power cycling the fixture seems to usually remedy the problem also (although not always!). It will never freeze mid change/move, only sometimes once it has been in a static position for a bit. There are fixtures after that fixture in the data chain that have no issues and all of the fixture’s internal diagnostics check out ok during frozen moments. The fixture is also fully manually controllable when “frozen” via its menu systems, just not over DMX. Is this an issue that anyone has seen with this fixture or have any ideas what might be happening?

Any ideas/thoughts are super appreciated!

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