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Does anyone know how many Watts each of these take?

I am doing a festival right now, with almost no lighting at the host school. So i am attempting to build in 3" frenels into my set, But i have very limited power supplys, and i do not think i can plug more then 1 Satalite dimmer in.

Does anyone know this?
Do you know what lamp is in them?

If not, have a look at the lamp and see what is stamped on it. This will then allow you to check the wattage of the lamp.

There was a similar question asked not that long ago by dim-watt (I think he changed it to dimwatt or dim_watt) and a search should help you to find his post. From memory it was his first post here.
Yea i do not have them in stock, we would have to rent them.

It is just an idea being thrown around, I'll do some research on it when i have some time later tonight.

Well if you are renting them, just ask the rental company.
I will, but no company is open over the weekend.

I did a little research and found that they are 100w lights, which is perfect.
yup. theyre 100's though they can back a fairly good punch for just 100 watts
Good that is exacly what i am looking for.

This festival is so horrible, and we are doing Metamorphesis so we need more then just G325 front light.

So we are building in specials into the set

and along the front of the stage i will have 3 S4 Pars with Wide angle lens and a color scroller on them

And 2 50degree S4s with breakup washes...also with a Color scroller on them...they will be crossing the stage

We will then run everything off my ETC 48/96 that will be resting in a custom roadcase, with a pop up-swing out Flast Screen.

The satalite dimmers built into the case

And on the bottome. We are having a 6000w gas powered generator, with soundproofing around it.

We are completly self contained. This years festival only has 1 20amp circuit backstage....and we were warned that it was old and there was no gurentee that it will actually hole a full 20amps...and we will be pushing it, so we decided to self contain everything.

It shuold be fun...as we only have 5min to set everything up ons tage..and 5 min. to come off
if you have all that stuff, then why is it so horrible?
everything is being rented.

there are 12 schools, and We are the only school using this stuff. The actual situation is pretty bad there. We just arent letting it stop us, It just required some thinking outside the box.
JP12687 said:
And on the bottome. We are having a 6000w gas powered generator, with soundproofing around it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the generator going under the express. What are you doing to ventilate the generator?
Change of plans, Realized generator would nto work, to loud and not enough ventilation.

So new plan. is to use (2) http://www.apcc.com/products/runtime_for_extendedruntime.cfm?upsfamily=23 UPS Backups.

Each one fully charged prior to the start of the show. We will run the 3" Frenels, and 2 Source 4 Jrs. Off them. These lights will be used not very often..and at no more then 50-75%

We will then run 3 Source Four Pars and the ETC Board Off the 20amp circuit given.

Question does anyone know the power consumpiton in Amps per hour the ETC 48/96 uses? So i can determine if i can put the board on a backup.
copied from the expression quick guide from http://www.etcconnect.com

Voltage input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
• Maximum current 0.8 amps

those backups seem kind of risky...i dont know, i just wouldnt want to run my lights off of that kind of thing.
I actually just got off the phone with the head computer consultant for the school. Our computer lab has a heavy duty backup(designed to give all 25 computers 25min of back up time) He said based on the #'s of what we need He can say we can get about 85min.

The Festival is 50min long. If we go over 50min we are screwed, and DQed.
yea, that just seems risky. i know there are ways of dampening the generator, a designer i worked with also rented out generators and we were able to when we used them. all we really did was stick them behind a truck. that seemed to work pretty well. maybe there is a place where you can do that?
No we are on the 1st floor(only its really the 5th floor...we were told not to ask...)

And i will not be allowed, nor do i have enough time to run a cable outside, it would be really hard to dampen the generator.

I Trust the Battery backups, especially since i will have a back up to the back up.

If something goes wrong, the stuff its being used for are only extra, the regular "festival cues" will all be such that the show works, with or without the extra lighting.
well, during the hurricanes in florida, when we lost power for about a week at my house, we had a generator, but only ran it during the day. I used my computer battery backup to run very small lights in my bathroom or bedroom when the generator was off. That way I could see to use the bathroom or read a book or anything. It ran some LED lightnights for a very very long time! it iwll run my guitar amp for atleast 15 minutes I know too, just because one day I was playing and hooked it into the UPS. seems like they would work fine, assuming oyu have a BIG BIG BIG HUGE one. :) sounds liek a cool thing to try. pictures after the event?

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