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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by derekleffew, Jun 6, 2008.

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    1. Lighting. A bump is any change of a lighting state that happens in zero time, i.e. bump to full, bump to black, bump to frame#1, bump to full body. Those who've ever run a multi-scene preset console are familiar with the seemingly (but not) oxymoronic term: "bump crossfade". For more, see this thread.

    Technically a "blackout" is a bump to black, not a fade to black, although often directors and non-lighting people will use the term "blackout" when they mean "fade to black".

    2. Rigging. A brief (0.5 - 1 second) pulse on a chain hoist control, resulting in very slight movement. "Up a bump"; "down a bump." Usually used with each hoist individually when leveling or setting a truss at a specific trim height.

    3. See also the terms bump-in, bump-out as synonyms for load-in, load-out.

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