Color Blast 12 Red emitter glow

Hi All, I'm troubleshooting a Colorkinetics Colorblast 12 RGB unit (discontinued) and I'm having trouble with half of the red emitters. They are constantly at a low glow (maybe 0.5%), and these emitters do not respond to data. The other colors and half of the red emitters respond as expected with data. I've tried changing which port is used on the power supply and I've inspected the DMX cable. Has anyone else had this problem and found a way to fix it? It appears to be something with the data, but it could also be a problem with the emitters. Since they are on at a glow, I think it's an issue with data. Again, this issue is persistent regardless of channeling and where the unit is physically hard patched into the power supply. Thanks in advance for your thoughts/suggestions.
100% hardware issue. We have these as well as the color blaze fixtures and over the years I have had to swap the modules. You can hit up eBay for as is colorblasts and pray for good working modules. Looks like used lighting has some as well.
Channel ghosting on a ColorBlast 12 is almost certainly a leaky driver FET, and the lack of control sounds like either the FET has failed as more than just excess leakage current , or there are other issues in the driver circuit (guessing it's the former). Unfortunately, repair is difficult due to the board being epoxied to the fixture heatsink and the lens being glued in place (at least on the non-TR fixtures).

-Rob (formerly CK tech support)
Its really not worth throwing money at those things these days. Not when a used Colorforce 72 are going for 2 grand.

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