Colortran ERN 96 Fan problem

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I'm looking for a supplier for parts for a Colortran ERN 96. The fan in our unit has burned up and I can not find a replacement. I have replaced the fan with a standard off the self unit, but there is a sensor on the original that will not allow the dimmer to work normally. I have looked online for any info, and wiring diagrams but I have found nothing. Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated!


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Where are you located?
I know a guy that might be able to help you out.


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Is it a 3 wire 120v brushless fan? There are a ton of suppliers if you can't find the OEM part.Grainger stocks quite a few. You probably want the kind with 3 wires, if its a 12 volt it's + , -, and an RPM lead. this allows the controller to know that the fan is turning, it's might be possible to jumper from the hot lead to the center terminal on the connector, this would fool the controller into thinking the fan is on full, which it should be if it's new. Don't do this, however if you don't understand what I just said or if your not a qualified electrician.
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