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I am looking for lighting rental places in Connecticut. If anyone has any they know of, or like, please post here. We are doing Seussical and we want to get creative.
Altman Stage Lighting in Yonkers, NY . . they'll have anything and everything you could want.

Ask for John Carver and tell him Bill from Entertainment Systems sent you.
Well you got:

Connecticut Audio and Lighting Suppy (Farmington,CT)
Connecticut Stage & Movie Supply, Inc. (Plainville, CT)
When my college rents lighting gear, it is generally from Show Lighting Corporation in Berlin, CT.

Sound gear is generally from Snow Sound in North Haven, CT, which I believe was just bought up by the HB Group, but is still operating.

We seem to be happy with both these companies.
Show seems to be popular. And HB never fails to impress me with their customer service.

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