Strand AMX CD80 parts free in Ct. I have multiple install racks, modules and cards for free if any one wants them


I have Strand CD80 AMX racks and parts for free in S E. Ct if anyone wants them. 2.4k and 6k modules, contro and powerfully cards and racks with parts. Came out of an install and I'm just looking for someone who can use them. Pick up in southeastern Ct.
I will be back at work on Monday. Where are you located and when can you come? They are in New London Ct.
I hope these help. I don't think any of these have the neutral bus bars in them. All the neutrals ran into a single enclosure in my old install. There are 2-48 slot ([email protected] dimmers) 1-48 slot ([email protected], 36@6k dimmers) 1-24 slot ([email protected] dimmers) mice are moving into one of the 96 racks so I don't know about the condition of that one. The racks and all my parts are located at Connecticut College in New London, CT. I do have someone local interested in some of the control cards but I have at least 6 card cages of control and power cards as well as extra loose ones. Plenty of dimmer modules plus some that have been converted to hot power modules either double Hot powere and single hot powere with a single 2.4k dimmer. Let me know if you want to come up and get them and bring a truck.


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