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dimmer qustions

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by zac850, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. zac850

    zac850 Well-Known Member

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    New York
    OK, it was suggested by the janitor dude that we unplug the dimmers so that the tails arn't sticking out. This question was passed through me, and I said fine since I didn't know of any reason why this would be bad. However, I just wanna make sure that it wouldn't damage the dimmers. They will be off when there plugged in, but I just wanna make sure that this won't damage the dimmers.

    also, would it damage them if they were on when they were plugged in. Should I put up a sign that says make sure that they are off before there plugged in/out.
  2. wolf825

    wolf825 Senior Team Emeritus Premium Member

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    Eastcoast USA
    Hi Zac,
    Define "Unplugged"--is it the ciuruits to the lights that are unplugged (if so--no big deal either way whether the dimmer breakers or main power is on or off--they are DMX controlled), or is it the Main power feeds to the dimmers that you are wanting unplugged? Whats the connector (camlocks, twistlocks etc)? If you are gonna be unplugging dimmers from their main power that is fine--just as it is fine to leave them connected and energized or throw a switch at the breaker panel, but you need to make sure the main power feed is OFF before you physically connect or disconnect power cables, for safety concerns. If you are going to do such a practice of connecting and disconnecting your power feed cables, you may wish to start a lock-out / tag-out high voltage proceedure at your school. Its a simple proceedure I can explain further. You do not want to leave a live feed of wires with high voltage hanging around where someone may stick a finger into it or mess around with it. Also power has a specific way of being connected for safety when using things like CAM locks...which is GROUND first and then Neutral and then disconnect you do it reverse--legs, neutral and then ground unplugged in that order. Do it regardless of whether power is ON or not--its a safety practice you should get used to doing. Point being you want to keep your ground connected first and last at all power connections so YOU do not become the ground....

    Provide a little more info and someone should be able to answer more detailed... Hope that helps..


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