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Just wondering if you need to be a licensed electrician to hardwire in a small dimmer pack.
Not necessarily, but you may want to check your local electrical codes and obtain a permit if necessary. You may want to have a liscensed electrician inspect it after the work is done, but before you power it up.
If you are talking about wiring into a distribution pannel with bare wire or camlock connectors, then no you dont have to be a licensed electrician, but it does (at least in maryland) have to be inspected by an electrician. I would highly suggest getting one to do it though... most of those distros are 100 - 200 Amps at 120v... thats a hell of a shock if you screw up... doing the math thats up to 24,000 watts. a normal electrical socket only is 2,400 watts. Just a thought.
Radman said:
That's what I thought. Small dimmer pack being an old strand cd80 pack
figure if ya can wire a house, ya cn wr cd80

I got really lazy really fast for a second!

Your house has 15 - 20 amps max at am outlet. It also doesn't have things like camlocks or three phase or a distro box, or anything fancy like that.

A CD80 rack can have a max of 800 Amps of service, I believe. That will kill you the first time. If you don't know what you're doing, find someone that does. The ability to wire a room in a house does not imply that you know how to deal with the kind of power running a dimmer rack.

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