ETC Nomad Clarification


Jul 17, 2008
Norman, OK
I am looking to purchase an ETC Nomad. It would be connected to a MacBook Pro 2019 model. If I were to buy it to its maximum unlocked potential (6144 outputs), can I send that output via a network cable into an ETCNet network, or would I need enough Gadget II units to cover all 6144 outputs? Or would I need some additional device to convert a network signal from the laptop into something happy with ETCnet?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 20, 2009
Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, United States
If you buy the maximum output it would allow you to transmit Data for every one of those addresses onto the network. If you have an sACN receiver on the other end, you're good to go. If you need 5pin DMX out of the network, then you will need to provide some form of converter in the form of a Gateway or Gadget. You're limited in the number of gadgets you can use (4 Gadgets or 2 Gadget IIs - total of 4 physical output ports max), but if you go the gateway route you could use as many as necessary to get the sum total of DMX output ports you need for your total output count.


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Aug 24, 2011
One caveat: It depends on the version of "ETCNet" your system is using. If you're using etcnet2 nodes, you'll be unable to use your nomad to control them. If you're using net3/sacn or artnet gateways, you will be able to control them. Nomad does not support etcnet2.