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I'm in tech for a show with an express 250; my programmer is pretty new, my designer hates the board, and I don't have time to take over. Anyone have a shortcut to write a couple of macros? He wants to be able to solo/RemDim all the time especially, (bring everything except channel X to zero) and hopefully resore back to cue after looking at it. I'm not so hopeful, but would appreciate any suggestions...


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The rem-dim thing works, but its pretty janky to say the least. Why ETC can not put this function on their consoles is beyond me, as well as the capturing multiple dimmers!!!!


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They have this function on their Obsession consoles, just not their express line consoles. I haven't worked on one of the newer expressions or the insight, so I can't say if they have it or not.


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No Express/ion console, right up to and including Emphasis has a hard key for Solo. There's also no method outside of Park to bring up multiple dimmers.

An easy access to Solo (which replaced Rem-Dim) is to write a Macro - #1-2 or 3 work well as they are hard keys on the console, by simply learning Macro XX, S7 (More Softkeys), S3 Solo.


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