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Hi Yall....

Was looking at the Gam Website and came accross the Gam Lamp Check device.

I have been after this sort of thing for ages, however havent had any luck trying to find one with an australian plug on it :(

Was just wondering if anyone knew how you make these devices... or anyone over this way know where id be able to pick one up?
Hi Jeremy,

If I understand this units function correctly you can pick up an Australian version made by Austral from Bunnings/Hardware House.

It is a grey unit that looks like a standard 3pin plug but with a flat top into which 3 bezels are set (red/green/yellow). If the red and green come on you have correct polarity and an earth. if any other combination lights up you have a problem. It is easy to read and the unit has the info stamped onto it.

I have one in my tool kit and it gets used often. I can't recall what it cost me but it was not much more than $10 or so. I am actually thinking of getting another one and cracking it open to see how it works. The aim then would be to build the test function into my distros/dimmers.

Let me know if you can't see any at you hardware/electrical outlet and I'll send one your way.

Hey Mayhem...

Good old bunnings, they have become like the new version corner store... seem to be everywhere now!

I will scoot down there tomorrow and see if I can dig one up =)
USITT tech notes from about 1987 had a writeup of how to make this. Might be on their website think that's the link. Otherwise DMX Tools or other techno wizzards should be able to explain how to hook one up. Just a question of some LED lights and resistors I think. You can also look in technotes on how to make a Socopex Gernade and other testers. Just a question of scaling down the amount of pins.

Otherwise for cable, you could take a mic cable's tester gizzard and install it into a cable tester as long as you fuse it in case it's plugged into a live circuit.

Really the Gam Check, I bought one when it was still $130.00 and thought that was expensive - could kick myself for not buying them when they were $75. But the gam check has three position switch having a lamp check buzzer - simple, cable check - see the DMX tester, and a live power tester which is a little complex but not difficult.

You could also buy a Gam Check when you get here and take it apart than mount it into a box for your own type of plug. Should be very easy that's given you don't have the above home brewed testers.
Thanks for your help ship...

I took mayhems suggestion and got down ot bunnings, after a discussion with one of the staff members (thik as mud) I was finally able to find one in there!

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