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Don't be fooled by the location, I'm an ex-pat ;)

Senior in high school, working in a black box (converted metal shop YAY) and having a blast doing so. Started in a HS in Australia doing theater sound and then lights for 3 years, then moved to the US (East SF Bay), did sound in general at the school, and SMed the 2002 Musical. A year later the nice expensive PAC was finished, so I SMed again with nice flashy equipment (well, by HS standards). Then, I moved here to SD, and am working with less flashy gear, but enjoying it just as much.

Word up, peeps ;)

Where in the East Bay? I'm from the South Bay, but a whole buncha my classmates here at UCLA are from Fremont/Newark-ish....

Lafayette in the East Bay and Melbourne (East Doncaster to be exact) in Australia. Kingswood College in Box Hill if you know it, cruiser.
Hey Nephilim!

Welcome aboard!! On behalf of the CB community, I just wanted to welcome you and, as it seems that you've all ready made yourself at Home, I won't be redundent and invite you again. ;) wow!! 16 posts in two days.. very cool!!

well, see you around the forums

your webmaster,


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