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I just had a production meeting for our upcoming production of Les Mis. The designer has a 16' half revolve center stage that has 8' tall platforms on it.

During intermission crew is supposed to set up the 'front' of the barricade on a semi circle wagon, which is the other half of the revolve, and attached it to the existing half on stage. The crew will also set up the 'back' of the barricade at the same time. When the show starts up again the entire center structure will rotate.

Hope this makes scene. I can scan a sketch when the designer emails them to me

What would be the best way to build a revolve that is is two pieces? Could it be structurally built like a full revolve?
What would be the best hardware to attached the piece (coffin locks?)



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Here's a link to plans I put on here YEARS ago. <back when I was first learning to use AutoCAD> I don't quite understand why your designer wants a half revolve rather than a full one. But take a look at these plans and see if they help with Ideas.

Revolve plans.


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I think a struggle you may have is a revolve really wants straight casters not swivels. A wagon needs swivels to get into place. If you only rotate one direction... CW or CCW not both. It probably would work ok (though possibly loud), it really the rotating of the swivel to turn around that is the biggest struggle with a revolve.

I use coffin locks to hold my stock revolve together so should be fine to lock your two pieces together.

One nice thing about a full revolve is you can mount the wheels up so that the wheels don't get caught on a random screw or prop that gets kicked under the revolve. You won't be able to do that, so just be aware you have a lot of wheels that can't maneuver around debris so keep it clear.

Most of this is assuming you have a stable center rotation point. If not you just have two big half circle wagons and you can do what ever you want really.

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