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Hello everyone

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by teered, May 15, 2009.

  1. teered

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    Ok lets start with my qualifications and then i'll start Bitching (after all i am a redhead

    ************************ Theressa (TERY) Orman
    ********************************* Las Vegas , NV 89146
    ********************************* 407-617-7824
    ******************************** [email protected]
    Personal references = Peter Seven 702287-3808, Dennis Hackey 702-250-1780.
    *My stagehand career started in Orlando FL Christmas night 2001
    Doing a out for TSO
    I moved to Las Vegas two yrs ago to further my career.*
    I became an IATSE local 720 member Jan 2009
    Companies I worked for in Orlando =
    Beginning 2001
    Crew one (Orlando)
    PSAV 407-470-4680
    IMC 407-816-4143
    OCEAN STATE (now BLACK ONIX* 863-682-4140
    More upon request.
    Companies in Las Vegas (as a Freelancer.
    Desert entertainment 702-258-7862
    Desert crew call* 702-321-6710
    Pro stage west* 702-882-9392*
    IATSE 702-873-3450
    Through the union I have tested and gotten my electrics card, witch means
    I am at lead lighting level I can run a light show from start too finish
    *I also have been trained to program the Jands Vista lighting console
    *And my spotlight card
    I also have my carpentry card
    As a freelancer
    I can run a spotlight, and I’m a truss spot op,
    Some shows I’ve spot oped miss America, miss Hawaiian tropic, LYNNERD SKINARD, Brooks and Dunn, Buck Cherry, and many many more
    I am the lighting freak A-z
    A-V set up and ran break out rooms, PowerPoint, DVD, and cd record and playback.*
    GROUND RIGG, scissor lift, load and unload trucks ,wardrobe, backline,runner
    my home hobbie is making and mending clothes for extra $
    OK i know i am a newbee still but in the 9 or so yrs i have been in my carrier which i love things have changed for the bad ....i do not think i am alone feeling this way but i am sure going to try to figure out some way to get being a STAGEHAND back on trac
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    Hello welcome to the board. Lots to learn here lots to explain. Plenty of laughs to boot. :) Nice workload their very nice.

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