Hi everybody! My name is Adam and I am a senior this year. I am highly involved in my school's technical theater! I was our stage manager last year and this year I am the Student Crew Chief / Student Technical Director. Many people say that I have no life and that I spend it all in the PAC or the scene shop, but I don't care because it is a life that I enjoy! Along with crew I am involved in my schools AFJROTC program and enjoy that aswell!
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I think calling yourself a Student TD is a good thing. I've nly gotten prickly about it a couple of times... But people seem to remember it..... Hmmm... I want everyone to send me a million dollars! < Maybe folks will remember that too!>

Welcome Aboard ! I know the life of which you speak! I spent mostg of Junior, Middle, and High School in the scene shop, light booth, or at rehearsals. Good to have ya aboard, please feel free to fire away with the questions, answers, comments. < I've got the smartass remarks cornered, though.>



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Welcome to the booth! I agree the Student TD is the appropriate term. It tells us that you are the most senior technician at your school. Although what that means varies a ton from school to school. Some folks do find it a little insulting to the lifetime it took them to reach their position for you to call yourself a T.D. The truth is what you do as the head theater technician in a high school has very little to do with the job of a professional T.D. I doubt you spend the majority of your time analyzing designs, figuring how you can implement them without breaking your theater's budget, and then overseeing the hiring and firing of shop staff. In a large union professional theater the T.D. never touches a tool, spotlight, or microphone... they are a manager. In smaller theaters and community theaters the T.D. does all the budget stuff and is often also the head carpenter... and a bit of a teacher as well.

Anyway welcome to the booth. Have a good time use the search function there's lots of information there and ask questions when you need help.

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