Hey from Trolley in the UK


Hey everyone

I am a volunteer theatre techie working in sound, lighting, and set building.

All the way over here in the UK.

Nice to finally find a site dedicated to theatre techies and their work. It's been a long time looking!! :-D

I don't actually study theatre technician, I am currently at sixth form studying Computing, Physics, Law, Business & Maths. Looking at doing electronics next year at uni.

Main reason that I found this is a query I have, but hopefully I can help someone else out aswell.

Talk to y'all later.

It's sad to hear that it took you a while to find this site! :-(

Wow, it looks like you are studying quite a list of things!

I hope we can help you with your problem, and I also hope that you can help with input on other topics arround the site too!

Welcome to controlbooth.com!

-the official welcome wagon (Part 1)
Thanks all.

I am studying quite a list of things. (Not sure if it's a good thing or not!)

I know about finding the site, it's great!! Gievn me a few ideas for my next producteion after reading a few of the notes.

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